The Mestiza

(Link a la versión en español)

This is one of those novels that it is best to get into without having any idea of what you are going to find, so I start asking you to give me a vote of confidence and jump into the adventure without further ado. It is an adult and hard story, the characters suffer and sacrifice a lot; but it is also an epic war, because the characters never give up. A story about magic, swords and demons; but at the same time a story of effort, of breaking your limits, of fighting to the end.

What defines a winner? In life sometimes things go right and sometimes wrong. You can give your all and still lose, because there are always factors that don't depend only on you and that you can't control: circumstances, luck, what others do... What makes a winner special is not success, but mindset. You do what you have to do, you go to the max, you empty yourself, you surpass yourself, you go as far as you never thought you would go. And from then on, whatever happens, happens.

Does this story end well or badly? It doesn't matter. This is a story about winners.

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