Tutorial: first steps with Node.js

Since the spanish version was so successful I've decided to translate a revised, cleared and simplified version of the package to english. If you already know some programming but are nearly new on JavaScript (better if you already have some idea about it), and want to know what's Node all about without spending weeks on an endless course, seek no more. In 1-2 hours you'll perfectly understand the basics and will be able to continue on your own.

By the way, we programmers use to skip the explanations and jump to the code: trust me, read the texts and explanations (they're not that long) and you'll save lots of future hours stack-overflowing problems you don't understand. The package is 100% self-contained so you won't need anything else to follow along, anyway if there's anything you don't understand here is your solution.

Link 1: Mega

Link 2 just in case: Dropbox