"Magic icon": an UX boost for your apps

The magic icon is a desktop floating icon I've developed, that can be used as an app launcher (desktop apps or webpages) and non-invasive notifications system. It's totally customizable (starting with changing the icon itself to yours) and its functions can be easily extended to add features like backend communication (to enable push notifications), one login for multiple apps, and much more. You could use it as a standalone app if you want, but it's meant to work as an addon for other bigger programs. It's made with Electron and tested on Windows and Linux, and should work in Mac too.

I've left all the information in the project Github repo, where you'll find detailed info as well as the code itself to analyze it and use it if you want. On the other hand, I've compiled an example app to download (Windows) that you can run to see it working. If you are interested I recommend you to give it a try.