Mandelrot Apps: a 100% portable, 100% modular software ecosystem designed to boost your business

An ERP is a software synergetic ecosystem where many apps work together. If your sales team have a "Salespoint" app and your store has an "Inventory" app, when a client buys something at the shop the salesperson uses the Salespoint app and the store employee will instantly see in the Inventory app this article has -1 in stock because both of the apps share their information. An ERP solution levels up your company internal processes and therefore the business productivity.

The ERPs in the market have many advantages, but some downsides too: your company information is managed by third parties, you don't have full control of the software (it's not designed by you) so you have to adapt your processes to what the programs offer... The balance is positive but maybe not perfect.

Mandelrot Apps is not a set of corporate programs, but the engine that makes possible the environment where your corporate apps (tailor-made by your development team) will work together. With this tool, made for medium-size organizations (a few hundreds of users will be no problem, and the server will sure be able to easily handle many more) you can have all the advantages of an ERP, while keeping your information private and under control. This code is free to use and modify, so you can customize it and adapt it to your business needs at will.

But what makes this software totally different than others is its revolutionary internal arquitecture (see the explanation in the overview document to understand how unique it is). The concept gives it its two most unique features: modularity and portability. Maintenance, backups and migrations are as simple as copying a folder, and frontend development can be done at lightspeed.

Read the full post, see the code or download sample packages (Windows and Linux) at the GitHub project page.